Arch Support Insoles to Relieve Arch Pain. Durable Foot Arch Support Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet - Flat Foot Arch Support Self Adhesive and High Arch Support - Hapad Scaphoid Pads Medium (Pack of 12 Pairs)

EFFECTIVE ARCH SUPPORTS - Hapad scaphoid pads provide a firm foot arch support and are recommended for individuals with Plantar Fasciitis. flat feet or high foot arch; a guaranteed solution to common foot pain complaints
DURABILITY AND COMFORT - Made from 100% wool felt. our breathable and comfortable flat feet arch support and medial foot support pads not only retain their shape but also draw off moisture even after prolonged usage
STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE BACK - Each pair comes with an easy-to-peel adhesive back for trouble-free placement and secure adhesion. These arch support inserts stick on shoes and on orthotic insoles really well. they won’t move even when you have to walk or run all day
CAN BE USED WITH ANY SHOES - Whether you have a pair of tennis shoes. running shoes. heels or sandals. the Hapad Scaphoid Pads are the perfect fit when you need more arch support. They can also be combined with foot insoles
ADEQUATE THICKNESS - These medial arch pads provide effective medial arch support with the right amount of thickness. Each medium arch support insert is 5/16 inch thick; fits women with shoe sizes 9-11.5 or higher and men with shoe sizes 9-11
12 PAIRS of MEDIAL ARCH SUPPORT THAT FIT ANY KIND OF SHOES! Use the pads together with shoe insoles. or you can use them as stand-alone arch support pads to avoid cramming your shoes. These foot arch support for flat feet. high arches and plantar fasciitis can be worn with running shoes. sandals and heels. They can also provide incredible orthotic support when worn with other flat feet insoles and high arch inserts.MEN & WOMEN’S ARCH SUPPORTS RELIEVE MEDIAL ARCH PAIN - Our medial arch pads are ideal for runners. hikers. women who wear high heels and those who stand for long hours on a daily basis. Physical therapists recommend the use of items for foot pain that can lessen the strain and absorb shock from physical foot and leg activities. HAPAD SCAPHOID PADS are the PERFECT arch foot support! They give a sturdy and firm support with the right amount of thickness.STICK ON ARCH SUPPORTS that adhere really well even when your shoes get wet.WOOL FELT MATERIAL - Compared to many foam arch supports. the Hapad scaphoid pads are more durable and long lasting because they are made from high-quality 100% wool felt. a material that retains its shape even with frequent use.


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